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Mortgage Protection Insurance

Navigating the world of mortgages can be challenging, but safeguarding it shouldn’t be. The Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP) is designed to provide peace of mind as you embark on your home-owning journey. Here’s a clear breakdown of what the MPP offers:

  1. Immediate Coverage: From the moment your application enters the MPP system, you’re protected. This means coverage can commence even before your possession or closing date. However, if you prefer, you can delay it until the actual closing day.
  2. Flexible Start Period: Experience a 30-day free period to get acquainted with the benefits. If you decide MPP isn’t for you within the first 60 days, you can avail of a money-back 
  3. Portability: Your protection travels with you, whether you’re transitioning between homes or lenders. Plus, applying once ensures you’re covered, with age or health changes not influencing future coverage or costs.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: Considering a Home Equity Line of Credit? MPP may cover this too, subject to specific conditions.
  5. Transparent Payment System: Premiums are withdrawn monthly, but if you prefer, you can opt for semi-monthly or biweekly modes. They are processed as separate payments, ensuring 
  6. Prompt Life Claims Assistance: In the unfortunate event of a life claim, MPP steps in, promptly managing payments while the claim is being settled.
  7. Disability Benefits: MPP isn’t only about life insurance. Disability coverage can stand independently, ensuring your mortgage and even tax payments are managed. This relief extends up to 24 months for each disability incident.

With MPP, you’re not just securing a property; you’re ensuring your peace of mind and the financial stability of your loved ones.

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