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Mortgage Renewal

In the world of mortgages, timing is everything, especially when it comes to renewals. Being proactive can lead to substantial savings. Tammy Wandzura and her team are here to ensure you’re able to leverage every opportunity for a better mortgage deal.

Starting your renewal process online is your first move towards maximizing savings. But here’s the best part: with our guidance, you can seamlessly transition your mortgage at absolutely no cost. We’re dedicated to presenting you with the finest terms, rates, and products available as your renewal approaches. In fact, we can begin securing favorable rates as early as 120 days (or 4 months) before your renewal.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We actively monitor the rates right up to your closing date. If a more attractive rate emerges, rest assured, we’ll make sure you benefit from the reduction. Pondering over breaking your current mortgage contract to capitalize on lower rates? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes, it’s a golden opportunity to save thousands in interest, while at other times, penalties might outweigh the benefits. We’re here to guide you through these decisions, ensuring your choices are always in your best interest.

  • Clear, concise, responsive, and helpful.

    Tammy and company were wonderful to work with. Clear, concise, responsive and helpful. The little videos and links to information regarding rat change and mortgage types is very informative.

    Max P.

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