New Home Purchase Mortgage with Tammy Wandzura

New Home Purchase Mortgage

Whether it’s your first or fifth home, the process and rules around mortgages continually evolve. That’s why Tammy and her team of mortgage professionals always stress the importance of pre-qualification—even for seasoned home buyers.

Initiating with a pre-qualification provides you a strong start. The ever-changing mortgage regulations, coupled with the Federally regulated qualifying rate (often referred to as the stress test rate), may have different implications than your last purchase. Our role? To simplify and support. We’ll guide you in calculating your net SALE proceeds, ensuring you’re armed with a detailed roadmap that includes next steps, best rates, and flexible mortgage solutions tailored for you.

  • Professional, responsive, knowledgeable.

    I highly recommend Tammy and her team to every home buyer. She is very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and whatever you can’t ask for more!!
    She helped us as first time homebuyers making the whole process easier and stress free.
    Email her today for the best service!!!

    Thảo L.

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