First Time Home Buyers: Why you need to talk to a Mortgage Broker

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We’re back with another entry in our series outlining why you should use a mortgage broker to help you find your first home!

The Competitive Edge

1. Driving Competitiveness

  • Mortgage brokers have revolutionized the mortgage market in Canada.
  • They introduce a variety of lenders, fostering a competitive environment.
  • Competition leads to better rates and terms for consumers.

Expertise & Guidance

2. Expert Advice

  • Brokers are industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the market.
  • They provide personalized advice tailored to your financial situation.
  • Guidance through complex mortgage processes ensures you make informed decisions.

Access to Multiple Lenders

3. Broad Access

  • Brokers have access to a vast network of lenders.
  • From big banks to nonbank lenders and smaller credit unions, brokers present a range of options.
  • This access increases the likelihood of finding the best mortgage and tailored “fit” for you.

Save Time & Effort

4. Convenience

  • Brokers handle the legwork, saving you time and effort.
  • They compare various mortgage products on your behalf.
  • Streamlined application processes with professional support.

Better Rates

5. Competitive Rates

  • Brokers will secure a fair or lower rate than you might find on your own.
  • Their relationships with lenders can result in exclusive offers. This may not only mean best rates, but also the best prepayment options available on the market. 
  • Better rates and options mean significant savings over the life of your mortgage.

Tammy and her team are FANTASTIC! We were first time homebuyers with lots of questions, and they walked us through it every step of the way! Working with their team made us feel like we understood the process and were able to ask the questions we needed to. Buying a home and getting a mortgage is a stressful process, but Tammy’s team makes the part of finding a mortgage so so easy!

Mahala S
First Time Home Buyer

Tailored Solutions

6. Custom Fit

  • Brokers find mortgages that fit your unique needs and financial goals.
  • Specialized products for first-time buyers, self-employed individuals, and more.
  • Flexible solutions that banks might not offer directly.

Stress-Free Process

7. Simplified Process

  • Brokers manage the paperwork and negotiation with lenders.
  • They ensure all documentation is accurate and submitted on time.
  • Reduces stress and minimizes the risk of errors.

Long-Term Support

8. Ongoing Assistance

  • Brokers provide ongoing support even after your mortgage is finalized.
  • Advice on refinancing, renewals, and any changes in your financial situation.
  • They help you navigate the mortgage landscape for years to come.

Service, Service, Service!

9. Personalized Service in an Automated World

  • In a world where automation is taking over, we focus on personalized service.
  • Many industries (most noticeably the bank branches) are experiencing a decline in customer service and knowledge, but we shine.
  • Our dedication to service sets us apart.
  • Speed: We are fast. No waiting days or weeks for a call back or calculations.
  • From pre-approvals to personalized videos explaining next steps, we’re with you all the way.
  • You will feel the true authenticity we have built into our client experience from the first call, email, or personalized video.

10. Advocacy and Legislation

  • We are legislated to work in the best interest of the consumer.
  • Market conditions change regularly; we advocate for you.
  • We ensure you’re always getting the best deal, even mid-term.

11. Proactive Rate Management

  • If rates drop during your term, your preapproval or leading up to your closing date we’ll analyze, monitor and provide make sense suggestions.
  • We can assess if paying a penalty to switch to a different lender or better rate is beneficial.
  • Unlike banks, we proactively reach out to discuss these options with you.

Who Do We Work With?

12. Chartered Banks and Non-Bank Lenders

  • We partner with both chartered banks and non-bank lenders.
  • Chartered banks get their money from consumers’ deposits in GICs, mutual funds, savings, and investments.
  • They leverage these “assets” to lend out mortgage money.
  • Non-bank “monoline” lenders get their funds from investors, sources like RBC, National Bank, TD, and Scotia Bank and more.
  • This variety creates competitiveness in the mortgage space, benefiting you with better rates and options.
  • It also keeps large Canadian banks profitable, which is crucial for the economy.

Cost-Free Services

13. No Cost to You

  • Our services come at no cost to you.
  • We work for you, ensuring you get the best deal and support throughout the process.

Strategic Mortgage Management

14. Long-Term and Short-Term Strategies

  • We provide strategies to pay off your mortgage faster.
  • Short-term and long-term planning tailored to your financial goals.

Supporting Our Industry

15. Ensuring Industry Strength

  • Supporting your local mortgage broker helps keep our industry strong, relevant, and competitive.
  • This is crucial to maintaining competitive rates.

Tammy and her team were absolutely amazing to deal with. They guided us through our first home purchase and made it such a breeze! Would recommend 1,000%!

Ashley R
First Time Home Buyer

First-Time Home Buyers: Your Key to Success

16. Your Coach and Guide

  • We are the #1 key to success stories with first-time home buyers.
  • As your coach and guide, we step you through every part of the process.
  • Tips, referrals, strategies, and suggestions ensure you have all the information you need.
  • Everything is explained in a clear, understandable way, allowing you to make decisions quickly without feeling rushed.

17. Solid Pre-approvals

  • We ensure your pre-approval is solid.
  • We underwrite the file, looking at all the same pieces the bank will need once you have an accepted offer.
  • Nothing is left to chance.

18. Your #1 Advocate

  • We are your #1 advocate and first-time home buyer specialists in all of Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  • Our personalized approach and deep industry knowledge make us indispensable.


Using a mortgage broker not only simplifies the mortgage process but also ensures you get the best possible deal. Our commitment to service, expertise, and dedication to your needs make us invaluable in today’s competitive mortgage market. Choose a mortgage broker for a seamless, stress-free experience and significant financial benefits.


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